• Affordable Removal Prices Cornwall

  • Looking for a Removal or Man and Van in Cornwall? Check out our competitive price guide. We provide a fully insured and professional Removal service in Cornwall. Our Cornwall removals prices can't be beat! All of our Man and Van rates are set on a 'per hour' basis, however if you would prefer to get a quote for a job instead, that can be arranged. One of our professional team will be able to assess the job and give you a competitive price.


  • Man And Van

    Man And Van Prices are based on hourly rate
    £35 for the first hour reduced to £25 per hour for one man and van.
    £45 per hour for a 2 man 1 van service.
    £65 per hour for a 3 man team and 1 van.
    £55 per hour for 2 men and 2 vans.
    £85 per hour for 3 men and 2 vans.
    £100 per hour for a 4 man 2 van team.
  • Packing items

    ItemPrice Quantity
    Small boxes £ 10 per 3
    Medium Boxes £ 14 per 3
    Large Boxes £ 16 per 3
  • Our Removal Prices in Cornwall Can't Be Beat!

    We pride ourselves on offering competitive and affordable Removal prices in Cornwall. If you want to know more about our pricing or would like a free quote then please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can offer you the best removal Prices in Cornwall!

  • Vics Man And Van Removals is a family run business and we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive Removal Prices in Cornwall. We provide Removal services for the whole of Cornwall from Lands End to Launceston. You can check out our coverage by clicking the button below, but if you are in Cornwall and looking for a removal, we are confident that we can't be beat on our prices.


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